Community Tech Tip: How to Join a Google+ Hangout On Air

You asked, we listened. You asked for more information on how you can help spread the word about your experience. So, we’re offering regular tech tips. Each tech tip shares a free and unique social way to share your story and experience the stories of others. This week, we’re covering Google+ Hangouts On Air, a service that streams and records live video of one or more people talking to each other and/or an audience. 

Google+ Hangout’s are a great way for our community to connect with each other for support, information and fun.You may remember our hangout with Kris Siwek. We want to make sure it’s as simple as possible for you to be a part of our future hangouts, so here is a quick guide on how to join a Google+ Hangout.

First, you’ll need to make sure you have a Google+ account. You can sign up for one here.

Add Oticon Medical to your circles.

Then, head over to Oticon Medical’s Google Plus Page here and add us to your circles.  Check out the picture on the right to see where to click on our page to do this. You can check whichever box you feel is most appropriate.

Now that you have an account and have Oticon Medical in your circles, let’s look at how to join a hangout.

When we do Oticon Medical hangouts, we’ll create an event you can join on Google Plus.  You’ll find the links to the event on our blog, Facebook Page, Google Plus Page and Twitter in the days leading up to the hangout.

Once you click confirm on the event, you’ll get a notification within Google Plus that will allow you to join the hangout once it is live. There’s a picture below to show you what this notification will look like.

And, if you can’t make it to the Hangout, we will have the recordings posted to our blog afterwards. Please let us know if you have any more questions on Google Hangouts, we will be happy to help you with the process. You can also see Google’s FAQ on Hangouts On Air here.

Interested in exploring other hangouts? This guide will work to join any Google+ Hangout On Air, you can see a live list here. Questions? Let us know in the comments section below or on Facebook, Twitter or Google+. Have an idea for a #techtip? Let us know, we’d love to use your suggestions!

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