Transitioning from softband to abutment: A video diary of Calvin Underwood’s journey

When a child and parent feel ready to make the switch from wearing a Ponto on a softband to an abutment, there are a number of steps that can help prepare a family. To better illustrate the journey, Brittney Underwood is sharing her son Calvin’s story of preparing for his bilateral abutment surgery in June, where he will be receiving two Ponto 3 SuperPowers.

Video one: Why Calvin is transitioning to a Ponto 3 SuperPower on an abutment

“Because he’s wearing his Ponto’s on a softband he’s not getting the access that he would have if it was direct bone contact” – Brittney


Video two: How Brittney is helping her son Calvin prepare for abutment surgery

“We’ve been explaining it to Calvin and showing him pictures of abutments.” – Brittney


Video three: Calvin’s recovery from his abutment surgery

“It went really well. He’s not having any pain, he’s just really tired.” – Brittney


Stay tuned as Brittney keeps us up to date and shares any differences he’s noticed after receiving his Ponto 3 SuperPowers on abutments.

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