2 thoughts on “Warranty Registration

  1. Chris Tucker

    I have been trying since last Aug, when I first got my 1st BAHA, to get the telecoil add-on, along with other similar accessories. The Audiology Dept at UAMC can’t seem to find them, even when I gave them the part numbers. My normal audi clinic, Oro Valley Audiology, also has been no help.

  2. Teresa Pfannenstiel

    My husband, Dr. Travis Pfannenstiel ( neurotologist) recommended your product. I love it! Only problem is I cannot connect streamer to my iPad or to my phone for music, although it does take phone calls. If you can help- please call 210-326-7698. Also, can I conncet to TV? It should be thru streamer, although I read it requires something sold separately?


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