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Custom Cap for Ponto

Daniel, a 9 year old from California, loves wearing his baseball cap. So, when he received his Ponto, his mom was able to sew the softband attachment in to a baseball cap so the device could be snapped on. The photos show how she sewed it. The last one with the cord is him using the audio adaptor hooked into his ipod. We wanted to share this great idea!

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Personalizing Your Ponto: Tips from A Pro

You may know Tebora Mckinney if you like our Facebook Page. Tebora caught our attention with her beautiful personalized Ponto designs. Now, she’s sharing pro tips for you to play with the look of your Ponto. Here are Tebora’s tips– she’s a real pro as she re-decorates her Ponto as often as every other day to coordinate with her nursing uniform and formal attire.

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The first step in personalizing your Ponto is finding the right supplies. Tebora suggests Hobby Lobby and Michael’s. She points out that any arts and crafts stores will have the supplies you’ll need. So, what are you looking for? You’re looking for things that you can stick onto your device and come off without it affecting it in any way. Tebora finds that many of the items at the craft store have an easy to stick on backing that does not leave residue.

To prep your device for customization, Tebora offers three simple steps:
1. Take your battery out.
2. Lay your device on something soft as to not press it against a hard surface– try a pillow.
3. Avoid touching the back of the device.

“You don’t need to use much force. Just peal off the backing and lightly stick your accessory or sticker onto your device,” Tebora said.

Personalizing your device just takes a few moments. In a matter of minutes you can transform the look of your Ponto and turn it into your best accessory. Tebora finds that often times, people don’t even realize her Ponto is a hearing device. She’s been told, “That’s a beautiful hair piece.” She’s even taken her personalization to the next level by altering her hats to fit around the device. 

Tebora suggests that sports fans capitalize on decorations for favorite teams. “Football, basketball– whichever sport, fans can buy design stickers. You could even decorate with a favorite player’s number.” But, just be aware of what kind of stickers you’re buying. Some can leave residue, which can be removed with a bit of rubbing alcohol (but we all know how pesky sticker residue can be).

“Get creative and start today! St. Patrick’s Day and Easter are coming up, use special occasions and holidays as themes. Look at what going on with style trends and make your Ponto one of your best accessories.”

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Announcing the Winner of “Pin Your Ponto”

Special Announcement: Congratulations to our “Pin Your Ponto” contest winner, Sarah Sabal, age 12. We love Sarah’s personalized Ponto with pearls and hearts– just in time for Valentine’s Day!

Sarah Sabal, age 12

Thank you to everyone who entered the contest! Keep an eye on the blog, our Facebook Page and on our Twitter account for more contests and chances to win!

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