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Meet Dee Inman: A Ponto User, Oticon Medical Community Member & Cancer Survivor

We always say our community is the backbone of Oticon Medical. Part of what makes our backbone strong are the inspirational stories of the community members—stories like Anthony Smith’s life as a superhero, and Luca Brooks growing up with the Ponto Plus Power. Adding to the inspiration is Dee Inman. In January 2013, Dee had a stuffy nose that wouldn’t go away, which led to her finding out she had cancer. Among many things, the cancer affected her hearing. Almost three years later, Dee is a proud cancer survivor, and Ponto wearer. Her story is truly incredible and we’re excited to share it with you today.

Dee attended our Patient Advocacy Workshop, and we got the opportunity to hear her full story in person. Here’s her retelling.

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Lasting Support: Breck Pipes Supports Son with Ponto Tattoo

Breck Pipes decided to get a tattoo with a purpose. When his 7 year old son, Winslow, recently got his Ponto Pro Power, Breck made a deal to get one of his own.

Breck wanted to connect with Winslow and help to overcome his anxiety about having the surgery for something permanent. Now, Winslow won’t be the only one answering when someone asks, “What’s that thing?”

As Ann Pipes, Breck’s wife and Winslow’s mom put it, “Those two are constantly scheming and making plans!”

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How do you support children with hearing loss? Whether it’s giving a baby doll a Ponto or permanently “wearing” your own device like Breck, we’d love to see it on Facebook, Twitter or in the comments section below, or send us a message sharing your story.